Visit to the WIIW04.02.2014 10:03

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

New Years Reception30.01.2014 13:50

Headquarters Austria, a partner of the CdH, again gave a reception in the famous Hotel Sacher

Vienna Main Station30.11.2013 18:51

The Vienna Main Station project, with a total area of 109 hectares, is currently the most important infrastructure project for the city and its inhabitants.

BOKU18.11.2013 16:23

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, known by its acronym BOKU, which we visited in October 2013, offers study courses and carries out research with an emphasis on environmental matters and the protection of natural resources.

Lower Austria03.11.2013 13:29

All-day excursion: Kössler GmbH, Geschützte Werkstatt St. Pölten, Ecopoint / Business Location St. Pölten, Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH and a sightseeing tour St. Pölten

Austro Control19.06.2013 19:26

Austro Control, one of Europe's leading air traffic control organisations, controls the flight movements of up to 4,000 aircraft per day.

iconvienna16.05.2013 14:35

Reception at the newly opened luxury hotel on the Viennese Ring Boulevard

Josef Taus01.05.2013 20:34

Former state secretary of Austria chairman of the supervisory board of ÖIAG welcomed the Club for Trade Delegates.

Tax Reform26.03.2013 10:23

Prof. Dr. Christian Keuschnigg, Institute for Advanced Studies, presentation on "Tax Reform: One Design Instead of Piecemeal Reform".

New Years Reception29.01.2013 15:03

Headquarters Austria, a partner of the CdH, welcomed more than 140 guests at the famous Hotel Sacher.

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